Hale Sides LLC recognizes that effective counsel and advocacy for our clients begins—first and foremost--- with clear and effective communication. We understand most clients are people first, who just happen to become clients. We also know that most people and clients have a low tolerance of ---and even less appreciation for--- “legalese” when talking with their lawyer. We know that because we are people, too, who just happened to become lawyers later. And, we also know that to communicate effectively, a lawyer has to be able to listen to his client, in order to understand the concerns or questions the client has, before the lawyer can analyze and advise an appropriate recommendation or suggest a viable plan of action.

We appreciate the rich diversity among people, and we have a healthy respect for the uniqueness of every client. We pride ourselves on never forgetting or overlooking that when we took the oath as an attorney, we first became licensed as counselors at law, in addition to being admitted as an officer of the court, with the right to appear before the bar and juries, in the event litigation is necessary to resolve a particular matter for a client. But, it is the role of counselor that has been often disregarded by mainstream legal practitioners, who have been all too quick to act as a litigator first, without ever offering the client appropriate counsel first. Our attorneys pride themselves on an extraordinary acumen as counselors at law, and bring to each engagement a multitude of reference points which enable them to communicate better with people, whether or not they become clients.

Much of our success and loyal client base devolves from treating each client with respect, and a genuine interest in learning much about the relevant history and interests of everyone we serve. A keen understanding of the person/client’s interests or corporate entity’s philosophy is critical to forging those lasting and successful relationships, which endure based on mutual trust and respect.


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